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Pattern Making

At Yorkland Productions, we truly believe that if you can dream it, we can help create it! Bring us your inspirations, sketches and ideas and we'll do the rest! We'll create all the necessary pattern pieces to help bring to life the look and style you've envisioned.


Sample Making & Development

Once you've got your patterns made, we can help create your prototype.  Adjustments can be made to further narrow down that perfect fit.

Pattern Digitizing

This process turns your paper patterns into a digital format. Each piece is "digitized" into our system so you can have a copy for your records. Different formats can be exported for your specific needs.


Grading & Marker Plots

If you're ready to start production, we can help grade your patterns. This is the process of turning your base size patterns into additional sizes according to your spec sheet. Once that is completed, we can create a marker for you. Markers are a special stencil for factories to cut your pattern pieces with precision and also helps minimize fabric waste. They can be printed or given to you as a digital file.

Small Production Runs

If you're looking to produce a limited production run, we can help! We'll work closely with our expert, onsite sewers to facilitate your pieces. Everything is done in one place so your travel is minimal.


Production Consultation

Whether you're a seasoned designer or simply have a passion for apparel, we can help answer any questions you may have! With over 20 years of apparel manufacturing experience in the Bay Area, we can provide guidance on developing your collection.

Call or email us today and see how we can help!

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